July 18, 2018

International Garden Festival in Quebec opens 19th edition


For its 19th edition, the International Garden Festival is having some fun. The Festival continues its exploration of play with Playsages II – Go Outside and Play! Landscape architects, architects, artists and designers from across Canada and around the world responded to our call for proposals to imagine creative spaces to showcase in Quebec.

Seven new projects offer imaginative spaces where families can congregate and play together all summer. Jump into a canoe to traverse a pond. Choose your own column for a photo op. Leap skyward above the walls of a corn maze. Ascend the vertical cliffs of a metallic Percé Rock. Take a spin on a forested carrousel. Caress the samara of the iconic maple. Visitors can even make their own garden by assembling a lean-to of colourful sticks. Go outside and play – and have some fun!y responding to people’s growing distance and alienation from the natural world with a defiant invitation to re-think outdoor spaces. Go Outside and Play! is a call to action.

People spend less time outdoors and when outside they often observe the natural world with an electronic device in their hands. Most mask the sounds of the surrounding environment with ear buds. Distancing themselves from experiencing nature by cocooning themselves in isolation. How can people make change happen? These new installations will join the six playsages created for 2017 edition of the Festival to offer a vast playground of designed spaces.


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