June 19, 2018

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A look at the new Gateway Arch Museum


St Louis’ Gateway Arch has undergone a redevelopment, with architecture studio Cooper Robertson expanding and renovating the museum beneath the record-holding structure.gateway

Landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates have created a new park from the original by Dan Kiley, which now crosses the adjacent highway and connects the site to the city centre of St. Louis.

According to the architects, the new project was conceived to restore the link between the city, the museum and the arch.

“Our design makes the museum part of Downtown and you move in a linear way through exhibits which explain the meaning behind it,” said Scott Newman, a partner at Cooper Robertson.

“The last part explains how Saarinen built it, and then you exit at the Arch and take the tram to the top. We have connected the museum to the landmark itself, both architecturally and experientially.”

Saarinen’s 630ft (192m) monument was completed in 1965 and opened two years later. It has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, with over four million visitors travelling to the observation platform at the top of the structure each year.

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