June 19, 2018

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#ChooseLandscape launches next month – here’s how to get involved

Find out how you can support the LI’s new careers campaign, #ChooseLandscape and help inspire the next generation of landscape professionals.

In July, the LI will launch its brand new careers campaign, #ChooseLandscape. They want to:

  • Raise awareness of landscape as a profession.
  • Improve and increase access to landscape education.
  • Inspire young people to choose landscape as a career.

#ChooseLandscape is a critical campaign, for the LI and for the profession as a whole. And for it to be as successful as possible, they need the whole profession on board.

How can you get involved?

Tell your story

Are you, or do you know:

  • A teacher or careers advisor?
  • An Ambassador for Landscape?
  • A landscape student or graduate?
  • A school leaver interested in the landscape profession?
  • A career changer?
  • Simply someone who’s inspired by landscape, and wants to share their passion?

The LI have said they want to spread the #ChooseLandscape message far and wide, and are looking for guidance and advice, career success stories, day-in-the-life blogs and more to help engage a new audience.

The campaign is especially interested in:

Clearing: Hints, tips and success stories

Clearing opens in July, and runs until October. It’s a potentially stressful time, and the LI would like to help their readers with as many tips, tricks and useful resources as possible.

Whether you’re an educator, career professional or someone who went through it yourself, the LI would like to hear your story. They’d especially love to hear from anyone who went through clearing and found themselves studying or working in landscape. Bonus points if you couldn’t be happier!

Building a portfolio for your university interview

A great portfolio is an essential part of a university application. Whether you’re a student or lecturer, if you’ve got tips for (or examples of) fantastic portfolios, the LI would love to see them.

Saving the world

From making soil arable, air breathable and water drinkable to creating places that foster good health and bring communities together, landscape professionals save the world on a daily basis. If you worked on a project recently that has had an outstanding positive impact, let the LI know – they’re looking to tell the world about it.


Email chooselandscape@landscapeinstitute.org to introduce yourself and tell the LI what you’d like to write about.

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